MILS INTERNATIONALS offers home test service.
Our method using GC / MS technology can analyse the metabolism of glucose with high accuracy from very little quantity of urine. Therefore, DM, GDM, IGT or 113 IEM can be detected in the early stages.

Compared with the blood test in which a syringe is used, our urine test is non-invasive and not only without pain but also without fear of infections.

Furthermore, our mailable test device, having a patent and called “urine-filter paper set”, can save you or your children from going to the hospital for laboratory diagnostic test. Our test is also a "self-health care" suitable for busy people cautious about their health.

Make a request for our home test service by phone, fax or e-mail, and tell us your name, address, phone number and choice of tests for DM, GDM, IGT, and IEM as well as for IEM in your pet.
We will send you the test set on your request.

Taking the urine sample
2 hours past after meals (Test for DM, GDM or IGT)
At random (Test for IEM or IEM in pet)
・Fill in your name, address, age, etc. on the label.
・Put the urine into a paper cup.
・With the left (right) hand, pinch the red part of the plastic cover containing the “urine-filter paper”.
・With the right (left) hand, pull the other side of the cover.
・The filter paper comes out of the cover
・Dip the filter paper into the urine
・Drain drops of the urine.
・Put the cover back.
・Put the filter paper into the plastic bag containing a drying sheet, by which the growth of bacterium and molds is inhibited.
・Make sure that the words “urine-filter paper” can be seen from the outside.
・Seal the bag.
・Put the filled-in label on the bag.
・Put the bag into the enclosed envelope.
・Mail the envelope.

Test charge (per capital)

Test for DM, GDM or IGT
8,500 yen
Test for IEM
15,000 yen
Test for IEM in pet
15,000 yen
(Tax not included)
Use the enclosed transfer form for payment.

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