MILS INTERNATIONALS was founded in July 2002 with the purpose of offering the fruits of longtime research done by Isamu Matsumoto, Founder of Matsumoto Institute of Life Science (MILS) and Emeritus Professor of Kanazawa Medical University, to the benefit of society at large.
We have been undertaking the clinical and diagnostic services and contract research at MILS, and have been expanding our business into not only in Japan but also overseas countries. Presently, our services are available in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Having the head office in Kanazawa, Japan, we are also planning in the near future to offer our services to other countries.
By applying GC / MS, we have established an accurate, sensitive, reliable, practical and rapid method of chemical diagnosis. Many congenital metabolic diseases can be diagnosed, even at presymptomatic stage by testing only once.

Our service will be useful to those caring for their health.

Corporate data
President  Ikeda Kazuko
Foundation  July 1, 2002
Business and Medical Research  Clinical examination & medical diagnosis
 Research on medical treatment and clinical trials
 Contract research
 Sale of health foods

Overseas offices
China Beijing Capital Institute of Pediatrics
Beijing Kezhao Company
Haikou Haikou Hospital
Guangzhou Neonate Screening Center in Guangzhou
India Mumbai MILS International India, Mumbai
Centre for Research in Mental Retardation (CREMERE)
Indonesia Jakarta Lab Klinik Utama JOHAR
Thailand Bangkok Mahidol University (Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital)
Vibhavadi-Ikeda Hospital

Associated corporation
Matsumoto Institute of
Life Science (MILS)

Business connections
SRL, Inc.

Supportive medical institution
Ikeda Hospital
(Medical corporation Yowa Association)

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